Doorway Parts Identification

Are you getting ready to measure your doorway or preparing to place your order for a Plisse retractable screen but not sure what’s what on your doorway?  Then this is the post for you. Use our doorway parts identification drawings of a typical single door opening and double door (aka French or Atrium) opening below to identify the different parts of your doorway.

We know we often take for granted that not everyone knows the official lingo for doorways.  How can we expect you to measure the height of your doorway from trim to trim if you know of the trim as a casing?  Both are correct and we hope that the diagrams below will help clear up any such confusion.

single doorway parts identification drawing

Double Doorway Parts Identification

Double doorways can often be even more confusing for customers to measure since they have two doors or sometimes they look like they have two doors but they really only have one active door and another fixed door that doesn’t actually open. 

The double doorway parts identification diagram below should help with those pesky double door questions that often arise.

Double Doorway Parts Identification Drawing

Now that you know a sill from a threshold (tricked ya, those are the same thing!) you’re ready to start measuring your door for your new Plisse retractable door screen. 

Before you jot down any official measurements we strongly suggest you check out this post for crucial information on the order preparation process: How to Measure. 

Not to worry if you have a sliding glass door, we have a special post just for you as well: How to Measure a Sliding Glass Door.

Plenty of us are visual learners and may prefer a video from Doug, the Screen Guy to written instructions for measuring a doorway, this is for you:

Still not sure where to measure to or have other order preparation questions?  Check out How to Send Pictures, snap a few, send them over and we’ll happily help you along the process.