How To Measure a Sliding Glass Door

Plisse retractable screens are the ideal solution for replacing that cumbersome and unattractive fixed screen that most sliding glass doors come with.

It’s also simple to take the measurements you’ll need to order your new Plisse invisible screen for a sliding glass door – just follow the instructions below:

  1. On the width of sliders you will need to measure from the edge of the fixed door to the edge of the channel on the opposite side.  Measure just to the channel not down into it.
  2. Please also measure the depth and width of the channel.
  3. On the height of sliders measure from the raised track on the bottom to the bottom of the channel on the top.  Do not measure up into the channel.
  4. Also measure the distance from the outer face of the moving door to the outer face of the fixed door.  Measure from the frame on each – not from the glass.
  5. Measure how far the handle on the moving door sticks out.

Here is a little cheat sheet with an example from a customer’s sliding glass door (click to see larger):

How to Measure a Sliding Glass Door for a Plisse Retractable Door Screen

Download a PDF of the above reference sheet here:  Measure a Sliding Glass Door.

Of course, if you have any questions or aren’t sure about something we’re always happy to help.  You are welcome to send us some pictures of your doorway for help specific to your opening – just follow the instructions here for How to Send Pictures.

Thanks & Happy Measuring!