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I’m always offering to look at pictures of doorways our customers would like to install our Plisse retractable door screens on to help them decide where to measure to and from.  It is important to get good, accurate measurements of your opening where the Plisse invisible screen will mount in order to ensure an easy installation when you get there.

But all too often customers aren’t quite sure what to take a picture of and how close or far they should take their pictures.  Here is an example of some great pictures a customer sent in.  You can see that there is a picture capturing each of the four corners of the opening, taken close enough that I can see some detail but not so close that I have no clue what I’m looking at.

The best shots are taken from two or three feet from the door .  Try to take them when they are either in full sun or in shade so that all of the detail  comes through.  Take one shot of each corner showing part of the side and part of the bottom or top.

Sliding Glass Doors Note: Remember that since the Plisse retractable screen will mount to the edge of the fixed door that the corners on that side are where the fixed door meets the top and bottom.

If you want to be quickly snap a few pictures of your opening and send them to me for some professional, Doug the Screen Guy, advice – try to copy these and email them to me at Doug(at)PlisseScreen(dot)com.

I’ll create one document of them with arrows where you should measure and send it back to you in a PDF.

Did I mention that this is a completely complimentary {as in FREE, people} service offered exclusively by Screen Solutions Inc and yours truly, Doug the Screen Guy?  Well there, now I’ve said it.  Just another example of the kind of service you can expect when purchasing our patent pending Plisse retractable screen.

How to Take Pictures to Measure for a Plisse Retractable Door Screen 2

How to Take Pictures to Measure for a Plisse Retractable Door Screen

You can click on the images above to see them larger or download a PDF of each example by clicking on the following links:

How to Take Pictures for BEST Plisse Retractable Screen Measuring

How to Take Pictures for Plisse Retractable Screen Measuring

Happy measuring, folks!

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