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Cats & Retractable Screens

What we have found with cats is that they are all different in both physical and mental abilities so I always hesitate to say that our system will work for any cat.  That said, we have never had anyone who worked with us on the issue who we could not help keep their cats in […]

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How To Send Pictures

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I’m always offering to look at pictures of doorways our customers would like to install our Plisse retractable door screens on to help them decide where to measure to and from.  It is important to get good, accurate measurements of your opening where the Plisse invisible screen will mount in order to ensure an easy […]

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New Bottom Rail Color Option

We’re unveiling yet another custom option today at Screen Solutions Inc: the option to choose the color of your bottom rail, despite the color of your Plissé retractable screen. In the past many of our customers have been pleasantly surprised when they unpacked their new disappearing screen from us only to find that we sent […]

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