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Plissé© Retractable Screen Galleries by Opening Type

Plissé© Single Door Retractable Screen Gallery
  • Openings up to 54″ wide & 108″ tall
  • Utilize a single piece of Plissé© fabric to cover the entire opening.
  • Often used on Entryway or Front Doors, Patio Doors, Standard Sliding Glass Doors (with Surface Mount Adapter), Boats and Recreational Vehicles
  • In Swing or Out Swing Doors



Plisse Retractable Screens for Double Doors GalleryPlissé© Double Door Retractable Screens Gallery

    • Openings 50-108″ wide & up to 108″ tall
    • Utilizes two Plissé© units that meet in the center of the opening when in use and retract away to each side when not in use.
    • Often used on French Doors, Atrium Doors, Extra Large Sliding Glass Doors (with Surface Mount Adapter) as well as many porch and patio applications
    • In Swing or Out-swing Doors


Atrium Door Retractable Screens

Plissé© Atrium Door Retractable Screens Gallery

  • Typically a double doors with one fixed door, needing only a single Plissé© retractable screen for the side that opens
  • Great for replacing fixed, sliding screen that came with door.
  • Usually utilizes the optional Plissé© surface mount adapter for installation.




Plissé Porch & Patio Retractable Screen GalleryPlissé© Porch & Patio Retractable Screens Gallery

  • Openings of any available size
  • May utilize multiple Single Plissé© retractable screens, Double Plissé© retractable screens, Window Plissé© retractable screens or a combination of them all.
  • Perfect for a new construction or remodel Porch, Patio or Sun Room.



Plisse Retractable Window Screens GalleryPlissé© Window Retractable Screens Gallery

  • Plissé© Retractable Window Screens can be used on all different styles of windows, including, but not limited to, Casement Windows, In-Swing or Out-Swing Windows, Antique Windows, Large Windows and much more.
  • Available in both Single and Double style for Windows as small as 25″ and as large as 104″
  • Can operate from Side to Side as well as Top to Bottom  


Plisse Retractable Screens for Sliding Glass Doors GalleryPlissé© Sliding Glass Retractable Door Screens Gallery

  • Both Single and Double Plissé© Retractable Door Screens can be used on Sliding Glass Doors.
  • Can easily be used to replace an existing standard sliding door screen or to add a screen to a Sliding Glass Door that did not originally come with a screen.


Plisse Retractable Door Screen Surface Mount Adapter GalleryPlissé© Retractable Screen Surface Mount Adapter Gallery

  • Most often used to mount one side of a Plissé© Retractable Screen Door Frame onto the fixed panel of a Sliding Glass Door or Atrium Style Door.
  • Two can be utilized for a Surface Mount Installation on openings that don’t have the room inside the door frame for an inside mount or for customers who prefer a surface mount installation for other reasons.


RV, Motorhome & Conversion Van Retractable Screen DoorPlissé© Retractable Screens for RVs & Motor homes Gallery

  • Plisse retractable screens are easily adapted for use on a wide variety of applications including, but not limited to, Motorhomes, Recreational Vehicles (RV’s), House Boats and more.





The best part of having a retractable screen is that it’s there when you need it but doesn’t clutter up your doorway or obstruct your view when you aren’t using it.  Please take a minute to look at how our Plissé© retractable screens have improved the value and look of a few of our customer’s homes.

You can also find more information about our retractable screen door prices, the signature Plissé© retractable screen colors and our unique, patent-pending retractable screen design.  Of course, we are more than happy to explain our custom build process, help you measure your opening or just chat for a minute – we welcome your phone calls at 954-920-1112 and emails!

Click links above to see picture galleries for each of the Poseidon interiors’ Plisse retractable screen products.
(Please keep in mind that the majority of our retractable screens are shipped out to customers all over the world so we unfortunately do not have images of every Plissé© retractable screen that has ever been installed – just the ones we installed and that our customers were kind enough to share.)


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