Custom Built, Quality Retractable Screens

We here at Screen Solutions take serious pride in our retractable screen business.

We strongly suspect that when customers see our reasonable prices they think there is a good chance they aren’t getting the best of the best.  But that simply isn’t the case.

The fact is, we are a small, Texas (as in the good ol’ US of A) based company.  We sell all of our Plissé retractable screens direct to you online or through our small network of professional affiliated dealers.  We cut out the middle man, we don’t have to make concessions to big box retailers and we keep a low overhead.  All of these small things enable us to sell a quality, custom-built retractable screen of our own patent-pending design for a fraction of what those other companies do.

You’re probably wondering if you read that right…custom built?  That is right.  Every single Plissé retractable screen we ship is custom built to your measurements.  This helps us ensure you get the best possible outcome from your order – easy installation that looks like it was professionally done.

We’re here to help you every step of the way: from reviewing pictures of your opening, helping you take the right measurements, walking you through the order process over the phone (866-571-8870) and helping with installation questions.  We encourage our customers to call us anytime they need something (866-571-8870) and we are continually adding to our How to Plissé section so that if we’re not available you can still find just what you need right here on our website.

Furthermore, to our knowledge we are the only retractable screen retailer that sets up and tests each of our retractable door or window screens before shipment.  We have set up rigorous quality checks and systems to be sure we stand behind our word to you.  And as if that isn’t enough, we back it all up with a lifetime warranty.

What else could you ask for?  If you think we’ve missed something, we welcome your feedback in the comments below.

Order your Plissé Retractable Screen now and be enjoying the cool Spring air in your home in just a couple of weeks!

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