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Screen Solutions Inc, located in Austin, TX, is the sole distributor of the entire Plissé© product line for all of North America.
We are pleased to offer a true partnership opportunity to companies and business professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and a solid commitment to providing superior customer service.
According to industry analysts (Window & Door Magazine, JUNE 2005), retractable screens will account for 50% of the global screen market by 2015. Aftermarket home sales of retractable door and window screens are expected to overtake conventional screens within the next 10 years.
Longevity in our existing partnerships is a mainstay of our success; many of our associates have been with us for years. You too can be assured that Screen Solutions Inc has the staying power to provide you with long term security as you work to grow your business within your region. It is this approach of commitment to customer & dealer service coupled with a high caliber product that facilitates repeat business and positive word of mouth.
Screen Solutions is committed to the total success of all Plissé© dealers. Our dealer program has been handcrafted to help you succeed by maximizing your sales, which are enhanced by home installation revenue. 
We offer:
  • Competitive pricing structure & incentives
  • Complete installation training
  • Co-op advertising support
  • Website development consultation & analysis
  • National Advertising
Screen Solutions Inc’s international dealer network is expanding rapidly, so don’t miss out on this business opportunity.  Plissé© retractable door and window screens are the only screening solution you will ever need – making conventional screens obsolete.
Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of the future of retractable door and window screens with Plissé© retractable screens.


Email us your territory and contact information today to start getting referral business right away.


Screen Solutions Inc Affiliated Dealer Program

A low-investment, high-return business opportunity that’s easy to operate with huge potential for expansion

Thank you for your interest in becoming a dealer of our Plissé© retractable screens by Screen Solutions Inc.

Please email with a list of the counties and/or zip codes you are willing to install in, we will add you to our list and refer customers looking for dealer directly to you.  Please make sure you include detailed contact information so that we are confident these customers will be able to reach you.  Typically we will also try to get the customer’s contact information to you so you know to expect their call or email.  We do not quote installation prices to anyone outside our own Central Texas area. Labor costs vary significantly around the country so we leave it to the installer to set their own pricing.

Dealer Pricing

Log in here to the Affiliated Dealer Only pages or email to receive dealer pricing specifics.

More About our Affiliated Dealer Program

Doug, the Screen Guy, was a dealer for a similar product before introducing the Plisse retractable screen to the American market.  For this reason, he has a real understanding of the issues and challenges facing dealers. Doug knows that the cost of purchasing the large quantity of inventory that many suppliers require from dealers is a very real burden on a startup company. Because we do not require a minimum purchase we have structured our discounts as retroactive. You can purchase only what you need but still receive the volume discount for all the units you sell.

We don’t require you to spend a certain amount of your discount on marketing materials or other sales tools we develop.  We’re in the business to sell quality, affordable retractable screens – not brochures.  But we’re more than happy to help you develop your own tools or purchase some of ours at our cost.  We leave those decisions about your business to you.

We have tried to develop a program that is good for both the dealer and Screen Solutions.  If you have suggestions or special needs we are happy to discuss them with you.

Affiliate Program

An easy way to make a little money

Our unique affiliate program allows you to generate a solid income, with little work by you. We have developed the tools you need to be successful. You will receive your own unique URL which will automatically track all sales you generate. We even provide you with banner ads and text links that you can just choose, copy & paste! Be on your way to success today, sign up now!

Other Important Information

If you are interested in selling the Plissé© we would be happy to send you, at no charge, a small working model (about 2′ x 2′) for you to inspect and for use in demonstrating the screen to customers. All we ask is that you return the sample if you decide not to sell our product.

Please be aware when selling our Plissé© retractable screens that we custom build each unit we sell directly to our customers.  This means that our lead time to ship an order is typically 2-3 weeksBut we have developed a dealer package that would include all of the necessary materials and instructions to allow you to carry everything you need on your vehicle to sell and install a Plissé© screen in a single visit.  If you’re interested in this option please let us know when you send in your contact information.

Email us your territory and contact information today to start getting referral business right away.




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