When measuring for the Screen Solutions Plissé© you will need to take reasonably accurate measurements of your opening.


First you will need to decide where in the opening to install the Plissé© retractable screen:

Image of Doorway with Arrows Showing Where Plisse Will Install

The photo above shows a typical door opening.

Most often the Plissé© screen will mount into the corner between the door jamb and the door casing (also referred to as the exterior door trim) as indicated by the arrow in the above image.

Your exterior door trim may look different. Click here for a photo of a door trimmed with brick molding set into a masonry wall.

Installations on other types of doors will vary and may require a surface mount adapter.  To see a diagram showing the placement of the Plissé© Screen on a sliding glass door click here and for a diagram of an atrium style door installation click here.

After deciding where in the opening the Plissé© screen will mount simply measure the width and height in two* different places as indicated below.

Picture of Standard Entry Doorway with Tape Measure Across Width of Opening at Top

Measure Your Openings Width at the Top & Bottom

*If your opening is over 55 inches wide you will also need to measure the height at the center.

Since your screen will be built to your measurements it is important that they be accurate to within 1/16 th of an inch.  Inaccurate measurements will cause the screen to fit poorly or not at all.

Don’t forget, you’ll also need to decide if your installation will require a threshold adapter.  View the Screen Guy’s blog post, “Do I Need a Threshold Adapter,” for more help.