Do I Need a Threshold Adapter?

Many of our customers are unclear as to whether or not they need to purchase the optional threshold adapter with their new Plisse retractable door screen.

There is some basic information that can be helpful in deciding but we hope we’ve made it clear that we are always happy to help if you just aren’t sure.

Feel free to send me an email with photos of your doorway and threshold along with some basic measurements.  With just this little bit of information I can advise you to the best installation for your opening as well as if any optional adapters could be useful.

Here is an overview of when to use the threshold adapter and when not to regarding typical installation of the Plisse retractable screen on both single and double doors (click image to view larger):

Plisse Retractable Screen Threshold Installation Diagram v1.2 12-20-12

More specifically, when the Plisse retractable screen is mounted in the corner of the jamb and exterior trim the bottom rail will sit either on the existing threshold or just in front of it as shown in the diagram below:

Drawing of a typical installation without threshold adapter.

Typical Installation without Threshold Adapter (Click Image for Larger View)


If the rail will sit on top of the existing threshold we recommend installing a threshold adapter (as shown in the drawing below).


Drawing showing typical installation with threshold adapter.

Click Image to View Larger



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