How Easy Is It?

Here at Screen Solutions inc we make every effort to make solving your retractable screen needs easy.  We want you to put forth little effort and reap huge rewards.

Imagine one day you’re thinking about needing a screen door, then your Google search takes you to retractable screen doors (the end all, be all of screen doors).  Before you know it you’ve ordered a new Plisse retractable screen for your home.

Your surprised because it cost so much less than those other retractable screens available online and in the big box stores so perhaps you’re a little skeptical about the quality or worried it may be a pain in the rear to install.  A week or so later though you return home from a long day at the office to find your pretty white Plisse retractable screen box waiting for you.

Excitedly you open said box and find that everything is there and the instructions are detailed but straight forward.  Why not give it a go? And just like that, an hour later your door is open, your screen is in use, the cool Spring breeze is coming right in your home but the pesky bugs are stuck outside.

It really is that simple.

Happy Spring, Everyone!

Doug, the Screen Guy

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