What are Plissé© retractable screens and how do they work?

The Poseidon Interiors Plissé© (PLEE’-say) is the newest and most innovative of retractable screen designs. Poseidon Interiors is the pioneer in bringing these simple, elegant and cost effective screens to the American market. With this alternative to the complicated high-priced designs previously available you can now enjoy all the advantages of retractable screens at a lower price.

All the Features and Benefits You Expect

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The Poseidon Interiors Plissé© has all of the features and benefits of the very best retractable screens.

  • Heavy-duty aluminum four-sided frame
  • Baked on powder coat finish available in six standard colors or custom color
  • Top to bottom seal when closed
  • Innovative design using the unique pleated fabric system
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Disappears completely when not in use
  • Sunlight reduction by 35% or more
  • A seal against nasty bugs even in strong winds
  • An attractive addition to any home
  • Safety for your children and pets
  • Assurance that you are purchasing a quality product
  • European Styling, American Value
  • Carefree operation for years to come

Poseidon Interiors is proud to bring the European styling of the Plisse (PLEE’-say) screen to North America in a product assembled here in the USA with domestic and foreign sourced components. Long a popular choice in Europe, the Plisse is now available here so Americans can enjoy the sophisticated look, along with all the practical advantages, of this unique design.

The Poseidon Interiors Plissé©… An Innovative Retractable Screen Design

  • European Styling, American Value
  • Simple, Dependable, Attractive
  • Small Profile Fits Inconspicuously in Any Opening
  • Safe Even for Small Children and Pets
  • For Windows Too
  • Easy to Order, Install and Afford

For more information on how to prepare and order your own Plisse Retractable Door Screen check out our How to Plisse section, call us toll free at 954-920-1112 or email us.

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Plisse Retractable Door Screen Simpified Diagram


An Innovative Retractable Screen Design

The Poseidon Interiors Plissé© (pronounced plee-say) is an innovative retractable screen design that does away with all the complicated springs and bearings used in other retractable screens. The Plissé© relies on the simple elegance of pleated screen fabric and operates in much the same way as a pleated blind. As you pull the bar across the opening the pleats open to give you all the protection of any screen system without all the complications.





Dimensions of the Plisse style Retractable Screen by Screen Solutions


Dimensions of the Plissé© Retractable Screen

The Poseidon Interiors Plissé© (pronounced plee-say) retractable screen for all styles of doors and windows has a modest footprint.  You can see the exact dimensions in the diagram to your left.

Bear in mind that the bottom rail, if not counter-sunk or butted up next to an existing, raised threshold, can be a tripping hazard.  We suggest our optional threshold adapter if this is the case with your doorway.




Chart showing Plisse siganture retractable screen colors.


Plissé© Retractable Screen – Six Signature Colors & More

Each of our retractable screens for doors or windows comes in six standard colors for no additional charge.  Our colors options were carefully selected to match most exterior trim finishes.

To learn more about the Plissé© Signature color line, special order colors and custom color matching, visit our Retractable Screen Colors page.


Can Quality Also Be Affordable?  Yes!

We take pride in the quality craftsmanship of each of our Plissé© retractable screens:  custom building each screen in our Dania Beach, Florida facility as well as quality testing every single unit before it ships.

So how is it that the Plissé© style retractable screen can cost half of those other retractable screens out there?  Well, we don’t sell in big box retail outlets.  We sell direct to the homeowner and a select few dealers.  We keep our overhead low and our quality high – then pass the savings on to you.

See our retractable door screen prices here and our retractable window screen prices here.

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