If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be priceless.   Below you’ll find a variety of retractable screen videos featuring our Plissé© retractable door screen.  You can see how easy it is to install, a close up look at the features and benefits of our screens and examples of the Plissé© on out-swing French doors, windows and more.

Other retractable screen videos you may be interested in:

A Look at the Features & Benefits of the Plissé© Retractable Door Screen

Plissé© Retractable Screen as Featured on WEtv’s Living In Style segment, “I Gotta Have That”

Extended Width Double Plisse Retractable Screen – Platanillo, Costa Rica 2015


Boy vs. Plissé© – Who Will Prevail?

Hint: The Plissé© is the ONLY retractable screen currently available with a DIY replaceable screen assembly. So even if a 10 year old boy running full speed into it, over and over again, did break it {which you can see in the video that it did not} you could easily fix it yourself!

Comparing the Wind Resistance of our Plissé© Retractable Screen to Traditional Retractable Screens


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