Retractable Screen Companies

Tim Carter recently wrote an article on his blog,, titled “Retractable Screen Companies” that intends to advise his readers on how best choose a retractable screen company.

While we were not included in the handful of retractable screen companies Carter chose to contact and then review (likely because our customers are often pleasantly surprised by how quickly we respond to emails and phone calls) we were mentioned in the comments.

Caleb M., a customer of ours from Cedar Park, Texas, wrote a very much appreciated comment about how our Plisse retractable screens compare to other screens he has previously had in his home:

Caleb M. 07 Oct 2010, 14:38

I have a Plisse retractable screen on my front door, back sliding glass door and two windows in my home and have been very happy. We’ve had them for 5+ years now and have only had one problem, which was quickly taken care of with the warranty (3 years after we bought it), I only paid shipping for the repair and it came back like a brand new screen.

I highly recommend the Plisse if you’re looking for a retractable screen. We had a DreamScreen and a Phantom many, many years ago but both blew out with any wind and the fabric frayed, making them look awful.

The Plisse is also much less costly (which is odd because it’s obviously a better product). Check it out or look for Screen Solutions.

Regardless of what kind you get you’ll never want another regular old fixed screen again!

We agree whole heartedly with Caleb M. of Cedar Park, Texas – because we do offer a superior retractable screen coupled with excellent customer service, not to mention a lifetime warranty, and all at a fraction of the price of our competitors (see our prices here).

I encourage you to do a little investigating for yourself: read what our customers have said about us, compare our competitors’ prices to ours, try to get a return phone call from another retractable screen company (or call us now at 512.264.9827)… I’m completely confident you’ll find our product, our customer service and our prices to be the BEST out there.

So what are you waiting for? Spring is in the air (finally!) and it’s time to get a Plisse retractable screen ordered for your home today!

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