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Customer Service: Tension Line Hooks

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Our Plisse retractable screens comes with a set of tension line hooks that are optional for our customers to use if they wish.  Most customers who have cats or strong winds find them to be immensely helpful while others find them not necessary at all. Occasionally, they will break down from the sun and heat […]

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Retractable Screen Companies

Tim Carter recently wrote an article on his blog,, titled “Retractable Screen Companies” that intends to advise his readers on how best choose a retractable screen company. While we were not included in the handful of retractable screen companies Carter chose to contact and then review (likely because our customers are often pleasantly surprised […]

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Hidden Screens

A Screen Door that Disappears When Not in Use Everyone likes the cool breezes that can come into their home through open doors and windows, but no one likes those ugly wood or aluminum screens traditionally used to keep unwanted pests out. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the cool breezes without that unsightly screen […]

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