Plisse vs. ODL Retractable Screen

If you’ve been shopping around for a retractable screen for your home you’re probably finding that there are several options out there. One option many customers find is the ODL retractable screen which can be purchased online as well as through several of the big box home improvement retailers.

Our customers often come to us wanting to know what sets our Plisse retractable screens apart from the others. In particular, here are a few key ways that our retractable screen option differs from the ODL retractable screen option:

First, our design is completely different than the ODL product. Our screen retracts by folding up into the moving part or what we call the housing. It operates much like a pleated blind, whereas theirs operates more like a roller blind.

The advantages to our design include:

  • Simplicity – less to go wrong
  • Visibility – ours is much less likely to be run into & damaged because close up you will see the pleats
  • More Attractive Styling – due to the smaller profiles needed to make our system work
  • Affordability – our unique design allows us to offer a higher quality of manufacture, custom made for your opening  and delivered free to your door at a very affordable price.

The second way our product differs from the ODL product is in quality. Our aluminum extrusions are heavier duty and we make as much of our product as is possible out of extruded or die cast aluminum with a lifetime warranted powder coated finish eliminating as much plastic as possible. We also use all stainless steel hardware.

Lastly, the Plisse retractable screen team, lead by myself, Doug the Screen Guy.  I can pretty much promise that you can call or email any of the other retractable screen retailers out there and no one is going to offer you the kind of quality, instructional, informative, timely and friendly service that you will get from Screen Solutions.

“I really appreciate your guidance, above and beyond, on this transaction. You took the time to not only communicate via phone and email (which was very prompt I might add), you went so far as to highlight photos I sent of the doors and engage in a discussion so that you could understand more fully how the doors are constructed due to the fact that the sliding glass doors were installed backwards. This allowed you to come up with a solution that will work perfectly as well as prevented me from submitting incorrect dimensions.
Normally, it would seem that installing screens is a rather mundane task but in this particular case, I not only wanted affordable, highly functional screens that retract but I also wanted the ability to open my doors on a sunny day to let the air from the Sound cool our place without worrying about bugs and wind blowing open the screens. This will add a whole new dimension to our living space.
Thank you,
Leslie M.”

Almost every day I receive an email from a customer surprised and pleased by the level of service we offer.  I think it says something that so many customers are surprised.  Shouldn’t you expect quality service from the companies you are giving your hard earned money to?  We think so and we act accordingly.

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