Retractable Screens for Atrium Doors

Do you have an atrium door (also known as a double door with one fixed door and one door that opens)? If you do, I bet you’ve often wished you could screen it without using one of those ugly fixed sliding screens. You know, the ones that are always falling out of the track, fraying and covering your good looking doors and nice view.

Well, it just so happens that the Plisse retractable screen, our patent-pending retractable screen door design, is the ideal solution for your problem.

Our retractable screens won’t cover your opening, will allow you to open your home up to the fresh outdoor air but won’t let bugs in. And when you’re not using it, simply retract it out of sight.

Here are some pictures to bring the point home. Notice that you can hardly tell the screen is there when it is retracted, keeping a nice, clean looking finish on the doors and deck. And when you are using it, it remains discreet and aesthetically pleasing.

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Visit our How to Plisse section for help measuring or planning your installation. Check out prices here and remember that all of our prices get you a custom built Plisse retractable screen including free ground shipping to the lower 48 states with a lifetime warranty!

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