Hidden Screens

A Screen Door that Disappears When Not in Use

Everyone likes the cool breezes that can come into their home through open doors and windows, but no one likes those ugly wood or aluminum screens traditionally used to keep unwanted pests out. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the cool breezes without that unsightly screen door? Or to be able to look out your window without having to look through a screen and still be able to open the window on a warm day. Now you can; with retractable screens you can have hidden screens, which you see when you want them, but not when you don’t.

Retractable screens, available for all types of openings including French doors, windows and patios, remain hidden when not in use. When used on doors no space either inside or out is devoted to swinging the door open, thus giving you back valuable floor space. When a hidden retractable screen is not in use all you see is a very small inconspicuous frame and housing.

Dependable, Long Lasting and Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

All retractable screens are designed to be hidden screens, but not all are equal. Most depend on a complicated system of springs and bearings to allow the screen fabric to coil into its housing. Screen Solutions Inc has introduced the Plissé (PLEE’-say) to North America, a popular design in Europe for some time, which uses a unique pleated fabric to fold into its housing. This allows the Plissé to have a smaller profile frame than those other retractable screens so it is even more hidden when not in use. This also makes the Plissé, with its simpler design, more dependable and long lasting than those other retractable screens. Screen Solutions Inc backs up this claim with a limited lifetime warranty so that you can be sure that any Plissé retractable screen purchased will be letting in the cool breezes for many years to come.

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