Invisible Screen Doors

Don’t Hide That Beautiful View or Door with an Ugly Screen

Whether you have a scenic view to see from inside your home or a beautiful door you want to see from the outside, invisible screen doors from Screen Solutions Inc are what you need. Unlike traditional door screens that are always there, even when not needed, retractable screens become almost invisible when not in use and therefore improve the appearance of your home as well as the view from inside.

The Plissé (PLEE’-say) from Screen Solutions Inc is an innovative, retractable screen design that uses a pleated screen fabric. This allows it to become even more invisible when stored due to the very small frame and housing. When in use it has the advantage of being slightly more visible than other retractable screens and so is less likely to be damaged by someone inadvertently walking through it.

Simple, Affordable, Dependable and Easy to Install

The Plissé uses a pleated fabric to fold away when not needed, instead of the roll away design used in other systems. This has the advantage of being very simple and thus eliminating all those bearings, springs, etc. needed in conventional retractable screens. Simple translates into cost savings, ease of installation and dependability. This design allows for a smaller and more invisible frame than other retractable screens.

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