Roll Up Screen Door

There When You Need It, Not When You Don’t

Any type of screen makes it possible to open doors in warm weather and bring in the fresh cool air without having to worry about letting in insects. Traditional hinged screen doors do the job but have many draw backs: they are always there, even when not needed, so you have to look at the outside world through a screen year ’round. They are also unattractive and often not in keeping with architectural or design intentions. In addition, they are difficult to use when your hands are full and you need to unlock the door. Because they are always there, they are susceptible to damage and once the screen fabric is pushed out of the frame it, or the entire door, must be replaced.

Roll up, or retractable screen doors, offer the same protection from unwanted pests but eliminate many of the problems associated with traditional screens. If you come home with an armful of groceries you will not have to wrestle with the screen door while you unlock the house because the screen will be stored in its housing. Whether the screen is in use or not you will hardly notice the small aluminum frame of the roll up screen. If you accidentally run into it most often there will be no damage.

Simplicity = Affordability and Ease of Installation

Screen Solutions Inc has introduced an alternative to the conventional retractable screens that has additional advantages over roll up screens. The Plissé (PLEE’-say) uses a pleated screen fabric to allow it to fold into a housing. The advantage to this is simplicity; the Plissé does not need any springs or bearings to operate. This simplicity translates into lower purchase price, ease of installation and lower maintenance costs over the years of use. The simple design makes it possible for almost anyone to install and reduces maintenance costs by eliminating many of the moving parts used in roll up screen doors.

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