Do It Yourself Screens


The Convenience of a Retractable Screen At an Affordable Price

Retractable screens are great; giving you all the protection from nasty insects that traditional screens provide without the inconvenience of fixed window screens or old fashion hinged screen doors. Up until now the major draw back to retractable screens has been cost due to the complexity of conventional retractable screen designs. With the introduction of the Plissé (PLEE’-say) by Screen Solutions Inc this is no longer a problem. For about the same price as a traditional hinged screen door you can now have all the convenience of a retractable screen.

Simple Design is More Affordable

The simple design of the Plissé makes it more economical to purchase, install and to maintain. Without the complex springs, bearings, etc. of conventional coiling retractable screens the Plissé is more affordable. Due to the versatility and adaptability of the design the Plissé retractable screens is easy to install. This saves you money if you do it yourself or if you hire someone to do it for you. Since no special tools or skills are required for installation there is no need for highly trained, expensive installation experts. Finally, you will save money for years to come because the simple design has fewer parts to break.

Screen Solutions Inc has all the help you will need for do it yourself retractable screens available online. Everything you need to do it yourself is at your fingertips: from a slide show demonstrating just how easy it is, worksheets designed to help you gather all the information needed, photos and drawings of the Plissé, to the actual instructions.

The Plissé is a project that almost anyone can handle and is an attractive, functional and valuable addition to any home.

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