Disappearing Screen Door

A Screen Door that Disappears When Not in Use

If you have ever struggled, arms loaded with bags, to hold open a screen door while unlocking your home you probably wished the screen door would disappear. Retractable screens do just that; when not needed they store away in a small housing next to the opening and when needed you pull them into place. These disappearing screen doors provide the same protection from insect pests that traditional screen doors provide.

Pleated Fabric Simply Folds Away

Conventional retractable screens do have some drawbacks: being spring loaded they tend to pop open unexpectedly, the fabric tends to blow out of the track in anything more than a slight breeze, they tend to be easily damaged when people or pets accidentally walk into them and they are complicated using a spring mechanism to coil the fabric on a roller mounted on bearings. A new design of disappearing screen door is now available. The Plissé (PLEE’-say) retractable screen uses a unique pleated fabric to fold away rather than roll up. This simple system is more economical, easier to install and more dependable. It will not open unexpectedly, blow out of the track, and it is slightly more visible when in use so accidental damage is much less likely.

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