Hidden Screen Doors

All the Protections of a Traditional Screen Door With None of the Hassles

Traditionally screen doors have been a necessary but unsightly addition to a home if the doors were intended to be opened to allow in fresh air. In the past either wood or aluminum hinged screen doors have been used to keep out pests. Wooden screen doors tend to sag and aluminum screen doors get bent with use and before long they do not close properly. In addition, the screen fabric in these doors can easily get torn from the frame and when it does it will be necessary to replace the fabric or the entire door.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a hidden screen door that would offer the same protection as those ugly screen doors without all of these problems – a screen that would actually enhance the appearance of your home? You can, the Plissé (PLEE’-say) from Screen Solutions Inc will do just that. Using a pleated screen fabric that allows it to fold up into a housing next to your door, the Plissé is an attractive addition to any door and can almost effortlessly be pulled into place when a screen is needed. Hidden when not in use, the Plissé will be less susceptible to dirt and damage. In the unlikely event that someone walks into it when in use the fabric will not tear out of the frame because of the unique pleated design.

A Retractable Screen for any Type of Door

The Plissé can be used on almost any door whether it is a hinged front door, a sliding patio door or French double doors. Available in four standard colors designed to coordinate with popular exterior trim choices, the Plissé hidden screen door is a home improvement that will add to both the appearance and function of your doors.

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