Roll Away Screen Door

A Screen Door that Simply Rolls Out of the Way

Screen doors have one purpose: to keep insects out of your home. Most screen doors when in new condition do this job very well. With use traditional wood and aluminum hinged screen doors often develop tears in the screening fabric or gaps around the frame that allow insects to slip through. Even when these doors are in good condition they are at best unattractive and at worst just plain ugly.

Roll away screen doors are retractable and use springs and bearings to coil the screen fabric into a housing at one side of the door opening. These roll away screen doors are much more attractive and will enhance the beauty of almost any door. But, there is a problem with roll away screen doors; they do not always fulfill the one purpose of a screen door, which is to keep out insects. In a mild breeze (as little as eight miles per hour) the fabric will come out of the track or in a little more of a wind the screen will often pop open allowing insects to fly in.

Consistent Protection from Insects

There is a retractable screen that will give you consistent protection from insects while enhancing the beauty of your home; the Plissé (PLEE’-say) retractable door screen. The Plissé, unlike conventional roll away screen doors, takes advantage of a unique pleated fabric to fold into a housing at the side of the door opening without the use of springs – so there is no chance of it opening unexpectedly. The Plissé uses tensioning lines running horizontally through the fabric so it will not come out of the track even in a strong wind.

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