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Retractable Screens Enhance the Home

Traditionally, screen doors were all about function. We put up with the slamming, tearing and inconvenience because the alternative was either a stifling hot home or flies on the pies.   Times have changed and so have screens. Retractable screens are there when you need them and virtually disappear when not in use. This means […]

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Cats & Retractable Screens

What we have found with cats is that they are all different in both physical and mental abilities so I always hesitate to say that our system will work for any cat.  That said, we have never had anyone who worked with us on the issue who we could not help keep their cats in […]

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No Magnets Necessary

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Customers often ask what keeps our Plissé retractable screens closed when in use. Sometimes we say nothing just to get a giggle out of how confusing that answer can be. But it’s true. You see, since our Plissé screens don’t utilize the traditional spring-loaded retraction design (like that found with the Phantom, Mirage, Eclipse, Genius […]

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Do It Yourself Screens

[aio_slideshow] The Convenience of a Retractable Screen At an Affordable Price Retractable screens are great; giving you all the protection from nasty insects that traditional screens provide without the inconvenience of fixed window screens or old fashion hinged screen doors. Up until now the major draw back to retractable screens has been cost due to […]

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