Dealer Base Price Schedule


Our dealer base price price is full retail minus the cost of shipping.  See the attachment below for the dealer base price of all Plisse retractable door screens (click to view and download).

Plisse II – Price List – 03262018 – Doors & Adapters – Retail & Dealer Base


Dealer Discount Schedule

At an accumulated total of 10 units/year (a single is 1 unit, a double is 2 units) the dealer receives a 15% discount off the base price retroactive to the first unit. If a dealer purchases 10 units in one order the 15% discount applies to that order.

If the dealer purchases 1 or 2 at a time the total 15%  discount of the cost of 10 units is given as a credit against the order that includes the tenth unit.

At an accumulated total of 50 units per year the dealer receives an additional discount of 10% retroactive to the first unit and at an accumulated total of 100 units per year another 10% discount is also retroactive to the first unit for a total of 35% off of the base price of 100 units.

On volumes above 500 units a year additional discounts apply.

In the subsequent year we ship at the discount level achieved in the previous year.

Optional adapters have the same dealer base price as their retail price because shipping is not factored into their retail price.  To figure your cost of an optional adapter just subtract your percentage discount from the retail price.

Current retail prices are always accurate, up-to-date and available any time of the day or night in our online shopping cart.  This is where you will also need to place your order.  For detailed instructions on placing your dealer order please see the dealer page Lead Time & Ordering Instructions.



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