Doug, the Screen Guy Interviewed on Global Talk Radio

Austin, TX January 21, 2012 Global Talk Radio:

“Doug Bennett tells us about Screen Solutions Inc.’s patent-pending Plisse II retractable screen.  With spring and summer just around the corner, these screens have the unique ability to keep bugs out, let fresh air in, and disappear completely when not in use.”

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Screen Solutions Inc. Now Offering More Standard Colors, Free Color Samples for Retractable Screens

Maker of the Plissé Retractable Screen Unveils Free Color Samples & Two New Colors: Mocha Tan & Metallic Silver

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Austin, TX (PRWEB) January 28, 2012 Leading provider of retractable screens for all types of doors and windows, Austin, TX based Screen Solutions Inc. has extended their standard colors to six and begun offering free color samples to the public.

Reproducing accurate colors online, as well as in print, is always a problem. Screen Solutions Inc. leads the industry by offering the retractable screen buyer a solution. At the customer’s request, Screen Solutions will provide small pieces of aluminum material that the retractable screen frame is made of. These free samples are powder-coated in each of the six standard colors:

  • Bright White
  • French CreÌ€me
  • Desert Sand
  • Mocha Tan *new
  • Oiled Bronze
  • Metallic Silver *new

There is no obligation to purchase nor will there be a surprise charge for processing, handling or shipping. Simply enter your shipping information into their secure online shopping cart at and they’ll mail complimentary color samples within one business day.

Screen Solutions’ Plissé Retractable Screens feature the latest architectural colors in line with 2012 home decorating trends. Additionally, they use only the highest quality finishes formulated to last even in extreme UV and salt spray conditions. All Plissé retractable screens are painted using a dry powder coating process that releases almost no volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, in keeping with the green practices of carbon-balanced Screen Solutions Inc.

The patent pending Plissé is the only retractable screen currently on the market that offers powder coated metal corners and handles for improved durability, exact color matching to the screen frame and lasting aesthetic value. Additionally, the Plissé screen is backed by Screen Solutions’ Limited Lifetime Warranty ensuring years of lasting quality.


Katrina Moline
Screen Solutions Inc.

Retractable Screen Doors by Screen Solutions Inc Now Carbon Balanced

Screen Solutions Inc Now Offers Carbon Balanced Plissé Retractable Screens to Customers


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (View Release on Yahoo! News)
Austin, TX РOctober 26, 2011 РScreen Solutions Inc, the first to offer the environmentally-friendly Pliss̩ retractable screen to the North American market, further demonstrates its commitment to the environment this week by balancing the carbon emissions produced by all operations.

By becoming Carbon Neutral, Screen Solutions Inc is aiming to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions – the most common greenhouse gas – caused by its use of energy, shipment of its Plissé retractable screens for doors and windows, all incoming shipments of supplies and materials, as well as all employee commuting. These emissions have been cited as a primary contributor in increasing the Earth’s temperature and impacting global climate change.

“Partnering with TerraPass to offset the carbon emissions of our company further demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility and aligns with Screen Solutions Inc’s core values and mission to do our part to preserve the world’s natural resources,” says Douglas J. Bennett, the Screen Guy and CEO, Screen Solutions Inc.

Screen Solutions Inc, the exclusive North American retailer of Plissé retractable screen doors and windows, is committed to both operating in an environmentally friendly way as well as selling a product that is a green choice for homes and businesses.

Every time an individual or organization uses electricity to power their operation or a truck to deliver their goods carbon dioxide emissions are released into the atmosphere. Because carbon dioxide is the known leading cause of global climate change, Screen Solutions Inc – through their partnership with TerraPass – is offsetting their emissions by funding clean energy, farm power, landfill gas capture and abandoned coal mine methane capture.

Plissé retractable door and window screens are the premier green choice. Plissé screens are produced with long-lasting, recyclable aluminum frames and painted using a dry powder coating process that releases almost no volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, recycling all packing material received into packing for outbound shipping and recycling all scrap material generated in the assembly of their retractable screens.
Screen Solutions Inc is the only retractable screen door supplier in the United States that goes to these lengths to provide a more environmentally friendly product. And now, thanks to Terra Pass, they can report that their entire operation is also Carbon Balanced.

Screen Use Reduces Energy Consumption

The use of any screen can reduce dependence on air conditioning, which can lessen electrical use as much as, or more than, 2717 KWH. (More detailed information available in the article on Screen Solutions Inc’s website, Screen Use & Air Conditioning: Energy consumption is further reduced because retractable screens, being less susceptible to damage and weathering, require less frequent replacement.

To learn more about Screen Solutions Inc and its green business practices, visit

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Screen Solutions Inc Releases Plissé© Retractable Screens to National Market
Announces Decision to Offer Free Shipping to Anywhere in the Lower 48 States

Austin, TXSept 22, 2006 — After a long research and development phase, which began in early 2005, the Plissé© retractable screens are now available in the United States. Screen Solutions Inc is the first to offer Plissé© retractable screens, which are based primarily on a long popular European design, to American homeowners.

In addition, Screen Solutions Inc has just announced that, effective the week of Sept 25, 2006, they will offer free shipping on all Plissé© orders to anywhere in the lower 48 states.

The Plissé© retractable screens are designed to fit any style of door or window, without all the problems inherent of traditional retractable and old-fashion door screens. Retractable screens are the solution to keeping bugs out when doors and windows are open, while not obstructing the view outside when doors and windows are closed. The new Plissé© retractable screens won’t unexpectedly pop open like traditional retractable screens, exposing the home to bugs, animals and the elements. Click here to view the test of Plissé© retractable screens’ wind resistance as compared to traditional retractable screens.

With cooling costs at an all time high everyone could use to save a little on their energy bill. Screen Solutions Inc recently calculated the potential energy savings of using retractable screens at night to let cool air in and closing the doors and windows during the day to trap in that cool air. The calculation, based on an actual homeowners experience in Sun City, Texas, demonstrated a potential annual savings of more than $270 – more than the cost of a single Plissé© retractable screen. Click here to view this information in detail.

Plissé© retractable screens offer an alternative to the high-priced, complicated versions of retractable screens currently being offered in the national market and they are simple enough for any DIYer, or professional, to install with ease.

Screen Solutions Inc Announces Decision to Offer Free Shipping to Anywhere in the Lower 48 States

Screen Solutions Inc has just announced that, effective the week of Sept 25, 2006, they will offer free shipping on all Plissé© retractable screen orders to anywhere in the lower 48 states.

* Normally Ships Within 10 Business Days
* Only via Regular Ground, Accessories Ship Free with Screen Purchase
* Extra Charges apply to Canada (+$40), Alaska (+$20), & Hawaii (+$25)
* Contact Us for Shipping Charges for All Other Areas