A letter from a customer…

Plisse Front Door Screen - OutsideWe received this reply email on Monday, March 28 from a long time customer in Melbourne, Florida who we had invoiced for a screen last week.

Hi Doug,

I must apologize for the delay in payment — I was about to email you today to ask about the invoice for the door, and I discovered your message with the invoice attached in my deleted items folder. I guess the gmail spam filters must have stopped it due to the attachment.

But, we finally got some time to install the screen yesterday – absoluetely NO problems, it went perfect!

Many thanks for your services…

Have a great week!

Kind regards,
C. Ressler

It’s customers and email like this one that remind us that we aren’t only offering a superior product but, in a world driven by technology where personal contact with a company is more and more rare, a personal and appreciated customer service experience.

Many thanks to C. Ressler and all of our customers who make our passion of providing the best retractable screens available a reality!

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