Retractable Screen for Patio Door

Patio Door Screens That Retract Out of the Way When Not in Use

Patios are great; they allow us to expand our living space to the outdoors. By having a patio door that connects indoor space with the patio we can have one large area for entertaining or just relaxing. One thing we do not want is insects from the patio coming inside, therefore a screen is needed. Traditionally the options for screening patio doors have been limited. If you have a sliding patio door a sliding screen probably came with it. Because they are so flimsy, come off the track constantly and the fabric gets torn easily you most likely threw it away shortly after you got it. If you have French or atrium style doors they probably came with no screens at all. A retractable screen for your patio door is the answer.

Simple Design Lowers Cost

Two types of retractable screens for patio doors are available. The conventional coiling retractable screen that uses spring loaded fabric to roll into a housing next to the opening and a new type: the Plissé (PLEE’-say). The Plisse retractable screen uses a unique pleated fabric to fold into its housing. This design is much simpler than the conventional coiling type. Simpler translates to less expensive to purchase, easier to install and lower maintenance costs – making the Plissé retractable screen a great choice for patio doors.

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