French Door Retractable Screen

Retractable Screen on French DoorA New Option for Screening French Style Doors

French doors are an attractive addition to almost any home, providing lots of light for the inside, a clear view of the outside, and plenty of fresh air when open. The biggest drawback to French doors has been the difficulty of installing screens on them. Traditional hinged screens detract from the beauty of French doors and interfere with the view of the outside. The solution to this problem is French door retractable screens. By adding retractable screens you can have protection from insects when needed and retain the beauty and light provided by French doors.

European Styling and Design – Perfect for French Doors

Screen Solutions Inc has introduced the latest innovation in retractable screen doors to North America, the Plissé (PLEE’-say). The Plissé is the perfect choice for French door retractable screens. The beauty and simplicity of the Plissé which has long made it a popular choice in Europe will especially enhance French doors. The simple design of the Plissé, which uses a unique pleated fabric to fold into its housing allows for a very small frame that will be almost invisible when not in use. With no center bar or other obstruction when open you have the use of the full width of your doors. When closed, the Plissé, being slightly more visible than other retractable screens, will not be susceptible to damage by people or pets running into it.

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