Phantom® Retractable Screen

Now A New and Better Alternative to Phantom’s Coiling Retractable Screens

Phantom® retractable screen doors are one of many brands of coiling retractable screen doors available. Phantom®, along with Mirage®, Eclipse®, Dreamscreens® and Screen Time®, all use the same basic design: a tube, mounted on bearings that is spring loaded, which retracts the screen fabric into a housing at the side of the opening. Think of those old fashion roller blinds that were once very popular and you can understand the basics of the design of all these brands.

Simple, Affordable and Reliable

There is a new and better design available; the Plissé (PLEE’-say) from Screen Solutions Inc. The Plissé uses a unique pleated fabric to fold up into its housing, thus eliminating the complicated and often unreliable spring and bearing mechanism used on all those other brands. There are many advantages of this simpler design which translate into cost savings for you and a more reliable retractable screen. The simpler design costs less to build so it costs less for you to purchase. The Plissé is much easier to install so you can do it yourself and save a lot on installation. If you hire someone to install it there is no need for a highly trained specialist and it will only take a half an hour or so to do, both of which will save you money. The Plissé with its simpler design has fewer things to go wrong and will give you years of service without needing repairs – so you will save money and have a more reliable retractable screen for years to come.