Plissé Retractable Screens

An Attractive Addition to All Homes

Most people are familiar with conventional coiling retractable screens as an alternative to those ugly inconvenient hinged screen doors and fixed window screens. Retractable screens are an attractive addition to any home and are conveniently out of the way when not needed, eliminating the need to juggle the groceries while fumbling for keys when coming home. Conventional coiling retractable screens do have some disadvantages, the worst of which is they tend to blow out of the track or pop open in any but the mildest breeze. This could leave your home wide open to nasty and sometimes dangerous insects. These retractable screens are also expensive, difficult to install, and often need professional repair.

Screen Solutions Inc has discovered an alternative – Plissé (PLEE’-say) retractable screens, which have long been a favorite in Europe and elsewhere. The Plissé uses a simple design which takes advantage of pleated screen fabric that folds away when not needed. Having no spring, the Plissé can not pop open unexpectedly. Our proprietary tensioning lines run horizontally through the fabric preventing the Plissé from blowing out of its track – even in a strong wind. The uncomplicated design of the Plissé retractable screen is very affordable and easy enough for almost anyone to install, making expensive professional installation unnecessary. The simple design with fewer parts to go wrong will provide years of trouble free service.

The Plissé retractable screen from Screen Solutions Inc uses a baked on finish applied to heavy duty aluminum parts and stainless steel hardware. It is available in five standard colors designed to compliment most contemporary exterior trim choices. Custom color matching is also available, please visit our Color Options page for more information on this service.

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