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Keep the Bugs Out & Let the Breeze In with Retractable Screens

Insect screens make it possible to open up your home and allow the fresh air in without worrying about pesky or even dangerous bugs. Traditional window and door insect screens consist of a wood or metal frame with some sort of screen fabric stretched across it. While these screens are reasonably effective in preventing insects from coming in, they are at best unattractive and at worst down right ugly. Traditional screen doors are particularly unattractive because they tend to sag or bend with use, or the fabric gets torn out of the frame.

In recent years retractable screens have been available as an alternative to traditional insect screens. Retractable screens have an inconspicuous and attractive aluminum frame and a screen fabric that stores away when not needed. The retractable screens available, until recently, were definitely a better looking addition to any home than traditional screens, but they do not always provide reliable protection from insects. The use of a spring to hold the fabric tight across the opening makes these retractable screens vulnerable to the wind. Anything more than a mild breeze may blow the fabric out of its track and a little stronger wind may cause the mechanism to retract – either way leaving your home open to insects.

Screen Solutions Inc has introduced the Plissé (PLEE’-say) retractable screen. This new design does away with the spring loaded fabric of other retractable screens and uses a unique pleated fabric to fold away when not needed. In a test using a common household fan to simulate wind, a spring loaded retractable screen failed to stay in its track with the fan 24″ away while the Plissé stayed put even when the fan was placed right up to the fabric. To view a report on this test click here.

4 Responses on “Insect Screen

  1. Kenneth McAvoy says:

    Looking for 3 Door Screens.

    1 30 3/4″ X 78 1/2″
    2 59 1/2″ X 78 1/2″

    Inside mount…doors open out. Looking to be as invisible as possible.

    Alice McAvoy

    1. Thank you Alice for contacting us for your retractable screen needs. For the door screen sizes you mentioned you would need one standard single at $199 and two standard doubles at $359 each, for a total of $917. All of our prices include free UPS ground shipping to any of the lower 48 states and no additional adapters are necessary for an inside mount, unless you feel you may need a threshold adapter.

      Our Plissé retractable screens hide away into the frame of the doorway nicely – just choose the frame color that best matches to your existing doorway and the screen virtually disappears, especially when not in use.

      Please feel free to contact us with any other questions and thanks again.

      Doug, the Screen Guy

  2. mike says:

    i have 3 andersen 400 series french sliders they are 7ft by 6 ft x2 and 8ft by 12 double door the smaller doors have one stationary door the big one has two stationary doors i would like to put up screen doors on these can you help thanks mike

    1. Mike,

      Thank you for contacting us about retractable screens for your Anderson 400 French sliding doors. I think we can help you with screens for these openings but I need some additional information to be sure. Are the sizes you mentioned including the stationary doors? Or is that just the size of the opening when the door is open? Typically, you only want a screen large enough for the part of the opening that is open when the door is open, not the entire door. I look forward to hearing back from you soon as helping you solve your screening needs.

      Doug, the Screen Guy

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