Vanishing Retractable Screen Door

Out of Sight When Not in Use

Anyone who has ever tried to hold open a traditional screen door while they juggled shopping bags and keys to unlock their house has probably wished that the screen door would vanish magically and then reappear the next time it was needed. Vanishing retractable screen doors are not magic, but they will store in their housing completely out of the way when not needed and can be easily pulled into place to protect your home from insects when necessary.

A New Type of Retractable Screen

Vanishing retractable screen doors come in two types: conventional coiling retractable screens that use a complicated system of bearings and springs to roll the screen fabric up into a housing at the side of the opening and the Plissé (PLEE’-say) which uses a unique pleated fabric to fold into its housing. Conventional coiling retractable screens, being spring loaded can pop open unexpectedly because of a gust of wind or if bumped, allowing insects to come right in. Even if the small magnet used on these retractable screens holds, the fabric can come out of the track in a mild breeze of as little as eight miles per hour. The Plisse is not spring loaded so it stays where you put it; opened, closed or anywhere in between. With the use of tensioning lines that run horizontally thru the fabric it will stay in its track in any wind up to at least thirty five mile per hour.

The Plissé, popular in Europe for some time, is now available from Screen Solutions Inc.

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