Do It Yourself Plissé Retractable Screens


A Solution for Almost Any Screening Need

The Plissé (PLEE’-say) retractable screen from Screen Solutions Inc is a great choice for almost any screening need. The Plissé works well for single doors, double doors, sliding doors, all types of windows, and framed openings such as those found on patios or porches.

Say you have an eight foot tall set of French doors; no problem, there is a Plissé retractable screen available for that, too.

Simple Do It Yourself Installation

So a Plissé retractable screen is available for the opening you want to screen, but you are asking yourself “Can I install it myself or do I need to hire someone?” If you would be comfortable installing window blinds you can install the Plissé.

Screen Solutions Inc has made it simple to do it yourself. Before you order you can print a worksheet that will help you gather all the information needed to get the right Plissé for your application. The Plissé comes in convenient steps of height and width so all you have to do when ordering is pick the right step.

When your do-it-yourself Plissé retractable screen arrives you will have everything you need to complete the installation. Included will be simple step by step instructions and our proprietary cutting guides for the parts that must be cut to length. Once the width is adjusted for your opening you simply snap the frame together and install it with the screws provided.

If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, finding a capable handyman should be no problem. Anyone who can follow simple instructions and use a hacksaw or screw driver can install the Plissé.

It really is that simple, and our customers agree. After receiving his Plissé do it yourself retractable screen, Tom Wyatt of Palo Alto, California wrote “It was so easy to install, it went up in no time and works great!”

Visit our Customer Comments section to read more comments on not only our product but our exemplary customer service.

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