New Bottom Rail Color Option

We’re unveiling yet another custom option today at Screen Solutions Inc: the option to choose the color of your bottom rail, despite the color of your Plissé retractable screen.

In the past many of our customers have been pleasantly surprised when they unpacked their new disappearing screen from us only to find that we sent their bottom rail to match the threshold adapter they ordered.  (In case you aren’t familiar, our threshold adapters are available in Aluminum, Oiled Bronze and Solid Oak – the last of which we can not currently do the bottom rail to match.)

So if a customer ordered a French Creme colored Plissé screen for their home with an Oiled Bronze threshold adapter we would have sent the bottom rail of their Plisse retractable door screen in Oiled Bronze, to match their threshold adapter.

This isn’t something we’ve ever advertised but rather was just a common courtesy that we’ve always offered standard to our customers.  But then we got to thinking recently that some of our customers might not order a threshold adapter, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t like a different colored bottom rail – perhaps to better match their existing threshold.  After all, the best part of having a retractable screen door is that it disappears into your existing door frame when you aren’t using it.  Screens are meant to let fresh air in while keeping bugs out – not to be seen and heard (slamming).

So we’re pleased to announce this little bit of news to our customers.  As of today, you’ll be able to order your new Plissé retractable screen with a bottom rail color in any of our standard color options: Bright White, French Creme, Desert Sand, Mocha Tan (new color!), Oiled Bronze or Metallic Silver – regardless of what color you choose for the main color of your Plissé screen door unit.

We’d love to hear from you, our valued customers, as to how you feel about this?  Is there something else you’d like to see us offer?  Your feedback drives the direction of our business and is always greatly valued!

Thank you for your business!

Doug, the Screen Guy

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