Mirage® Screens

Coiling Retractable Screens vs. Pleated Retractable Screens

If you have heard about retractable screens you are probably familiar with Mirage® Screens, who along with Phantom®, Eclipse® and many others, make conventional coiling retractable screens. These coiling retractable screens are a huge improvement over traditional hinged screen doors and fixed screen windows by storing out of the way when not needed. You can have a screen when you need it, but not have to look through it when you don’t. Retractable screens are not in your way when you are trying to get in your house with your arms loaded with groceries and if you have a beautiful door retractable screens do not hide it.

These coiling retractable screens from Mirage Screens®, Phantom®, Eclipse® and other manufacturers do have draw backs. The fabric, held closed by little magnets, retracts using a spring mechanism so it tends to open when bumped or when a gust of wind hits it. This spring tension is the only thing holding the fabric in the tracks at the top and bottom of the door so even when the wind does not actually open the screen it often pushes it out of the track. A breeze of as little as eight miles per hour can do this. Whether the screen is out of the track or open, it is not protecting you from insects, which is the reason you want a screen to begin with.

Retractable Convenience with Reliable Insect Protection

The Plissé (PLEE’-say) retractable screen from Screen Solutions Inc uses a unique pleated screen fabric to retract – eliminating both of these problems. The Plissé will give you all the convenience of any retractable screen with the security of knowing you are protected from insects flying into your home.

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