Retractable Garage Door Screen

Garage Door Sized Retractable Screens

Garages are not only for parking cars, in fact some times it seems that they are not for parking cars at all. Garages are often used as store rooms, work shops and recreation rooms. When using a garage for any of these things opening the garage door to allow fresh air in is often desirable. The problem is that when the door is open to allow fresh air in, mosquitoes and other flying insects come in too.

Installing a retractable garage door screen will allow you to keep those pests out and bring in fresh air – making the garage a pleasant space for many activities. Retractable garage door screens will be there when needed, but will store out of the way if you ever actually organize the garage so you can get the car in.

Economical Alternative for Large Openings

Screen Solutions Inc has several options for garage doors including the Plissé (PLEE’-say). This new type of retractable screen uses a unique pleated fabric to fold into its housing, doing away with all the complicated springs and bearings used on other retractable screens. Made for sizes up to one 100 inches tall and 100 inches wide the Plissé will fit some single garage doors and any side entrance doors to the garage. For larger sizes other options are available.

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