Dogs and Retractable Screen Doors

Dogs and Retractable Screen DoorsMost people with dogs treat them like part of the family.  Inside or outside, for the most part, they just seem to want to be wherever you are.  Dogs and retractable screen doors may need special consideration.

Dogs and retractable screen doors

If you have a traditional hinged screen door, a dog can sometimes just push it open.  Away it goes, and the chase begins.

When you lock or latch the traditional hinged screen door, a dog may jump up and scratch it.  The rigid screen fabric will eventually rip and tear.  Then you have to replace the whole door and possibly go chase down your dog.

Dogs and retractable screen doors that coil or roll-up using springs and magnets are still a problem.  A dog can often put enough pressure on them to snap them open with a bang.  Then away you both go again.

And small dogs, like cats, are very efficient escape artists.  They can worm their way underneath the coiling retractable screen because there is nothing attaching the fabric to the bottom of the frame.   Are you tired of chasing your dog yet?

And finally, some dogs have another special talent.  With enough motivation, they can charge right through retractable screen doors.  This is the worst scenario because you may lose both the dog and the retractable screen doors!

Why are Plisse screens the best solution to problems of dogs and retractable screen doors?

Plisse retractable screen doors can solve the problems of both the traditional hinged screen door and the coiling type of retractable screen doors.

Because the Plisse screen fabric is pleated, it has some “give” to it.  This means dogs can push, but the screen is too flexible to jump against.   So they tend to not jump up and scratch at them at all.

For small dogs that try to burrow underneath a screen, the Plisse’s special hooks (created to keep cats inside) will stop them.  The hooks attach the bottom of the screen fabric to the bottom of the frame.  The hooks do not affect the screen operation at all but they prevent dogs and cats from pushing out an opening big enough to get through.  You can order a set of 25 additional tension line hooks for extra security.

Regardless, some dogs are just going to charge through.  They may see the squirrel outside but not the screen in front of them.  In this case, Plisse has a special feature that helps with dogs and retractable screen door accidents.  When there is too much pressure on it, the Plisse screen fabric will separate from the frame – BY DESIGN.  The fabric may come out of the frame but it will most likely be undamaged.  Instead of getting a new screen, you can probably repair the one you have without any new parts.  Reattaching the screen is not that tough.  But if damage does occur, you can order a repair kit with new fabric and lines, which is much less expensive than a whole new screen.

And, if you ever need advice on a repair, just contact Doug the Screen Guy by phone, email or website for assistance.