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Dogs and Retractable Screen Doors

Most people with dogs treat them like part of the family.  Inside or outside, for the most part, they just seem to want to be wherever you are.  Dogs and retractable screen doors may need special consideration. Dogs and retractable screen doors If you have a traditional hinged screen door, a dog can sometimes just push […]

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DIY Installation on Retractable Screen Doors and Windows

Is it really possible to have DIY installation on retractable screen doors and windows? It certainly is possible with the Plisse screens from Screen Solutions.  This is because we designed the Plisse screen with DIY installation in mind.  To achieve this, each screen that we sell is custom-manufactured to your particular door (or window) size and type.  As a […]

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Retractable Screen Doors in Austin

Screen Solutions, the maker of Plisse retractable screens, has its headquarters in the Central Texas Hill Country.  Retractable screen doors in Austin and surrounding areas are very popular.  Since our weather here is fantastic much of the year, it is perfect for use of these screens. Our customers using Plisse retractable screen doors in Austin and the […]

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Cat-proof retractable screen door – Is it possible?

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If you have a cat in your home, you are a lucky person.  If you have a cat and a screen door in your home, you may not think so.  Usually, cats see screen doors as a challenge that must be won.   Is a cat-proof retractable screen door even possible? Why other screen doors fail the […]

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