Atrium Door Screen Installation

Double Plisse Retractable Screen in Use on Atrium Doorway

Double Plisse Retractable Screen in Use on Atrium Doorway

Yesterday I received a surprise email from a recent customer, Keith S., who purchased a white double door Plisse retractable screen for his new atrium door this fall.

Keith wanted to share some feedback as well as pictures he took of the finished product.

We always greatly appreciate any and all customer feedback; pictures are an added bonus. It looks great, Keith – nice work.

Many thanks to Keith S. for his email:

From: “Szaronos, K.”
Date: December 3, 2010 12:51:36 PM CST
Subject: K Szaronos – Atrium Door 2x Screen Installation Pics

Attached are pictures of your double screen installed on my exterior
double Atrium Doors. We entertain a lot and we’ve had really great
comments about these unique and high quality doors.

Thanks for all your help on the installation…


K. Szaronos

If you are looking for the perfect screening solution for your atrium style door you should consider the Plisse retractable door system. Plisse screens have all of the benefits of traditional screens: letting the breeze in while keeping out the bugs. But none of the drawbacks: unsightly screens blocking the view through your atrium doors as well as the view of your aesthetically pleasing doors.

Do you have an atrium, or other, style door your considering screening with retractable screens but have some questions first? Don’t hesitate to email me, the Screen Guy.

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