Retractable Window Screens

The Solution for Screening Windows Without Losing the View

If you want to open your windows to allow fresh air into your home you need screens to prevent pesky or sometimes even dangerous insects from coming in. With traditional window screens you get that protection at the expense of having to look through those screens year around, so that when it is too hot or cold to open your window you still must look through the screen. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have the protection from insects when you need it and a clear view of the outside the rest of the time? You can, with retractable window screens installed you just slide the screen into place when needed and leave it stored when not.

The option to have retractable screens for windows has been around for quite awhile but there have been drawbacks. The retractable screens available for windows have been very expensive, costing five to ten times as much as a conventional screen. The available designs were an adaptation of a retractable door screen which means the housing and frames are bulky and unattractive when used on the smaller window openings. Worst of all, due to the spring loaded design, if you left these screens closed they might pop open or unexpectedly blow out in a gust of wind.

An Affordable and Dependable Retractable Window Screen

Imagine the peace of mind knowing that you are protected from nasty bugs. Looking for a solution that offered that peace of mind Screen Solutions Inc discovered the Plissé© (PLEE’-say) retractable screen. Long popular in Europe, the Plissé© is the perfect solution for windows. Costing as little as twice what a replacement traditional fixed screen does, the Plissé© has a small inconspicuous frame that will hardly be noticed when installed on a window. Best of all, the Plissé© does not have any spring so it will stay closed and the unique pleated fabric will not blow out of the track.

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