Retractable Screens and Small Children

A Safer Option for Retractable Screens in Homes with Small Children

Having good insect screening is especially important if you have infants or small children in your home, as they are much more vulnerable to diseases that can be transmitted by insects. Retractable screens are an attractive addition to any home and a convenient way to have screens without having those ugly, old-fashion screen doors and fixed window screens. Retractable screens are there when needed and conveniently stored away when not, so you do not have to look through them year around.

As great as they are the retractable screens that have been available do have some drawbacks, especially when used around small children. The use of a spring by conventional coiling retractable screens can mean trouble for little fingers if a child puts his or her hand between the housing and the retracting bar of one of these screens when it pops open. Also if the child, or maybe the wind, causes the screen to open, which can easily happen, insects are free to come into the home. Though no screen is intended to act as a barrier to keep children inside, these coiling retractable screens will not slow down even the smallest child.

Safer for Small Children

Screen Solutions Inc has a better retractable screen for homes with small children, the Plissé (PLEE’ -say). The Plissé does away with the dangerous spring of traditional retractable screens by using a unique pleated fabric that simply folds away. This innovative design eliminates the possibility of both the screen opening unexpectedly and of little fingers being crushed.

We here at Screen Solutions know that our children are our future and protecting them is our most important job.  That is why we feel this aspect of our unique Plissé retractable screens makes them an obvious choice for the discriminating parent and homeowner.

There is no need to keep the house locked up.  You and your little ones can enjoy the breeze while resting assured that neither bugs nor hurt fingers will ruin your day.

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