How to Install the Plissé Bottom Rail Dust Cover

Plissé Bottom Rail Dust Cover

Less Time Cleaning; More Time Enjoying the Breeze

The Plissé retractable screen is the only retractable screen door currently available in North America with an optional bottom rail dust cover.  So if you’ve come here today to get a little more help installing yours, please take a second to pat yourself on the back for choosing the premier retractable screen available for your home.  You are indeed, one smart cookie.

Now, down to business – here’s a short video showing the details of installing the optional bottom rail dust cover on your new Plissé retractable door screen.

And don’t forget, you can’t use the bottom rail dust cover with the optional tension line hooks.  It’s one or the other folks.


How to Install a Plissé Retractable Screen Bottom Rail Dust Cover


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