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Plissé© retractable screens are the ultimate screening solution for any opening less than 54″ wide and up to 108″ tall.

The Plissé© retractable screens utilizes a distinct pleated fabric that folds away into the screen housing when not in use. Out of sight, out of mind and out of the elements.

Ready to let the fresh air in but want to keep those pesky bugs out? Just open your door and pull the Plissé© retractable screen handle across your opening. Your home is protected from insects while open to the breeze. It’s just that simple.

Screen Solutions’ proprietary DIY installation instructions, complete with both pictures and detailed text written by native English speakers, coupled with the custom build out (right here in the USA) of each unit to your exact measurements mean they’re a breeze to install yourself and come out looking great and gliding smoothly across your opening every time.