Common Questions and Answers About Retractable Screens

Can retractable screens be installed on out swing doors?

Yes, in the case of out swing doors, the retractable screen can be mounted on the inside of the door.

Can retractable screens be installed on windows?

Yes, retractable screens can be installed on windows or doors. Windows can be installed to open vertically (screen opens to the top of the window) or horizontally (screen opens to the right or left side of the window)

Can these retractable screens be installed to open left to right or right to left?

Yes, all of the retractable screens can be installed to open either left or right.

On a window installation, can retractable screens go up and down or side to side.

Yes, all of the retractable screens we sell can be mounted to open toward the top or toward either side.

Do you have retractable screens that can be installed on double or French doors?

The Plissé© is available for door openings up to 104 inches wide and can be installed on double or French doors up to that width. For larger doubles we may have other options which are available, feel free to contact us at for more information.

Are retractable screens a good choice for households with dogs, cats or other pets?

Some retractable screens are a better choice for pets than others. The Plissé© is more visible, and not being spring loaded, is not subject to opening unexpectedly so may be a better choice for many pets. All retractable screens have the distinct advantage of being inaccessible to your pet when open and therefore not available to be damaged or destroyed.

What is the warranty?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of the retractable screen products that we sell. Abuse, neglect, and misuse are expressly excluded from the Warranty. Screen fabric wear is not covered under the warranty.

Can the screen fabric be replaced?

Yes the screen fabric can be replaced in any of our retractable screens. We have recently debuted our new Easy to Replace Fabric which most homeowners can do themselves at home with our detailed instructions and new design.

What colors are available?

There are five standard, available colors in the Plisse retractable door screens. In addition to these colors, we offer Custom Color Matching. Visit our Available Colors page to learn more and see color samples.

What level of Sun or UV protection do the screens provide?

The standard screen fabric provides about 35% reductions in sunlight and UV entering the home. We have other products and fabrics which provide much more protection from sunlight and UV.

Can I install my own retractable screens?

Yes, if you would attempt to install your own window blinds then you can certainly install the Plissé© retractable screen. The other types of retractable screens we sell require more special tools and skills and therefore may be better left to professionals.

Can I get professional installation?

We offer professional installation of all the products we sell in our area. This professional installation is available in South Florida and the Austin, TX metro area. Outside this area we may be able to help find an affiliated installer or Poseidon Interiors Dealer. Email a request for this service to, please be sure to include your zip code.