Common Questions and Answers About Plissé© Retractable Screens

How does the Plissé© from Screen Solutions differ from other retractable screens?

The Plissé© (pronounced plee-say) takes advantage of the unique pleated, or plissé© fabric, which folds into the pull bar of the screen assembly, rather than rolling onto a spring loaded tube.

What is the advantage of the Plissé© type of construction?

The most important advantage is the simplicity of construction. Because all of the bearings and springs and other complex moving parts of the conventional retractable screen have been eliminated the Plissé© is more dependable, more economical, and more adaptable to imperfect openings.

Is the Plissé© more dependable than other retractable screens?

Yes, the construction of the Plissé© is much simpler so there are fewer things to go wrong, which means a more dependable long lasting screen.

Can the Plissé© be used in openings that are out of square and/or not level?

Yes, the Plissé© will adapt to any of the imperfections that are commonly found in door and window openings without effecting performance. If the door is wider at the top than the bottom, the threshold is not level or the frame is simply out of square the Plisse will fit into the opening and perform as expected.

How does the Plissé© perform in windy conditions?

The Plissé© will withstand much greater wind loads that other retractable screens. Other retractable screens will blow out of the frame or even pop open in winds as low as 8 MPH where as the Plissé© with its tensioning lines and unique pleated fabric will withstand winds many times as strong.

Does the Plissé© pop open like other retractable screens?

No, since it is not spring loaded the Plissé© will not pop open due to wind or being bumped. The Plissé© stays where you put it, whether that is closed, open or any where in between it stays there. This makes the Plissé© safer for small children and pets because there is no danger of little fingers or small animals being smashed by the screen opening unexpectedly

Does the Plissé© disappear like other retractable screens?

Yes, when not in use the Plissé© retracts even more completely because there is no need for the bulky housing that conventional retractable screens use. This means that when retracted the Plissé© has a smaller overall size than other retractable screens.

Is the pleated fabric used in the Plissé© more visible when in use?

Yes, the pleated fabric is slightly more visible when in use. This makes the Plissé© a safer choice since you are much less likely to accidentally run into the Plissé©. This is particularly important for older folks, small children and pets.

Can the Plissé© be installed on double or French doors?

Yes, the Plissé© is now available to cover openings up to 100 inches in width with a double unit that meets in the middle and has no stationary center bar.

Can Plissé© screens be installed on windows?

Yes, because of the small profile of the Plissé© frame it is particularly suitable for window applications. The Plissé© can be mounted so that it operates up and down or side to side for window applications.

Can Plissé© screens be installed on out swing doors?

Yes, the Plissé© can be mounted on the inside for doors that swing out. Due to the small profile the Plissé© will be much more inconspicuous than other retractable screens.