Custom Retractable Screen Door Kit

Easy to Install and Custom Fit for All Styles and Sizes of Doors

There are many companies selling conventional, coiling retractable screen door kits both at stores and on the web. These kits are generally one size fits all doors which means if you don’t have the shortest door opening you will end up with some type of filler material at the top. Many of these kits cannot be used on double doors or eight foot doors at all. All of them will prove more difficult to install than advertised. This is because they all depend on the same design that uses a spring loaded tube mounted on bearings to coil screen fabric into a housing at the side of the opening. This design is not the least bit forgiving of the out-of-square and out-of-level door openings that are found in the real world, therefore installing these retractable screen door kits on your home is not easy.

Screen Solutions Inc was originally founded to sell a particular brand of these retractable screens. After years of frustration selling and installing different brands we decided to look for something better. Our goal was to find a product that met the following criteria: could be custom fit into any opening, was easy to install and would work properly in the real world.

Simple to Install

What we found is the Plissé (PLEE’-say) retractable screen, a design which has long been popular in Europe and could meet the above criteria. We then improved the Plissé to give you a custom fit for any door and developed a simple retractable screen door kit. One that allows anyone with a screw driver and a hacksaw to easily install. The simple design of the Plissé, which uses a pleated screen fabric to fold away into its housing, makes it adaptable to a wide range of openings. For instance, a door opening that is more than a half inch wider at the top than the bottom is not a problem for the Plissé retractable screen.

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