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From: []
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 12:08 AM
Subject: Referrals

Dear Doug:

…I had my party this past Saturday and people raved about it. Just wanted you to know that I just sent an e mail to everyone that expressed interest in it, with your contact information.  I hope that you get orders from this, your product worked terrifically and looks so good.

Cheryl S.
Hudson, NY

From: Theodore R.
Subject: parts
Date: September 17, 2012 3:41:20 PM CDT


I simply love love love the screen…

Thanks Again for a great product


Bennington, VT

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From: Nicki B.
Sent: October 13, 2011 9:25:15 AM CDT
Subject: Screen Recently Purchased


I love my Plissé screen door.  My husband installed it in 45 minutes.  I love it so much I am going to order another one just as soon as I can measure the door.  And, I love that it is assembled in the USA.  Thanks Screen Solutions!

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From: Esther []
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 10:08 PM
Subject: Customer Feedback for Screen Solutions Inc


After searching everywhere we finally found your website with the screens we had back in the Netherlands.

I really do not understand why they are not selling these types of screens everywhere 🙂 but luckily you made them accessible for us in Canada.

The fact that each order (if required) is custom made gave me a good feeling and when installing the prepared door and reading the added hand written instructions based on our situation really showed the order was taken care of with personal attention. No messing with making it the right size what so ever.

Finally a door which is not under tension so when the dog places his nose against the door it doesn’t open with force or scare him. Nice is that it will stay as open or closed as you want 🙂

Thank you for this product, it is worth every $$$ and I will tell all our friends where they can buy such a nice door.



From: Leslie M.
Sent: Tue 5/18/2010 2:13 PM

I really appreciate your guidance, above and beyond, on this transaction. You took the time to not only communicate via phone and email (which was very prompt I might add), you went so far as to highlight photos I sent of the doors and engage in a discussion so that you could understand more fully how the doors are constructed due to the fact that the sliding glass doors were installed backwards. This allowed you to come up with a solution that will work perfectly as well as prevented me from submitting incorrect dimensions.

Normally, it would seem that installing screens is a rather mundane task but in this particular case, I not only wanted affordable, highly functional screens that retract but I also wanted the ability to open my doors on a sunny day to let the air from the Sound cool our place without worrying about bugs and wind blowing open the screens. This will add a whole new dimension to our living space.

Thank you,

General Comments from our Customers

On rare occasion our shipping company damages a product, this was the case with Louis Hansen of Mission, Texas in January of 2007. After he received his new, replacement Plissé© Retractable Door Screen he sent us this email:

UPS has just delivered the new screen door. He gave me a damage call tag and said it will be inspected in McAllen. Thanks so much for the fast service on the replacement and your follow up on all of my e-mails. We have several neighbors that may be ordering the same door as well. We will be sure to let them know of your fast, efficient service…Now all we need is some warmer weather to be able to use the screen door!

The LaLiberte’s of Sun City, Texas told our installer:

We were happy with the other retractable screen we had on our front door, but we had Screen Solutions Inc install a Plissé© on our sliding glass door to our patio. We like it so much better that we are having them come back and replace the one on the front with a Plissé©.

Tim & Julie Mann of Yuma, Arizona wrote in January 2007:

What a money saver these are for us. We were contemplating putting in more windows in the house because we couldn’t find any attractive screen doors that would keep out pests. Security doors are worthless for keeping bugs out! These work great!

Ginny Irvine emailed us when she received her sample:

Got it today. Husband just got home…..he looks at it, and his comment…’it’s a better mousetrap.’ High praise from my husband the engineer.

Carol Adams of Santa Fe, New Mexico commented:

Excellent customer service.

Doyle D. said:

The screen installed with ease and functions great..I would and will recommend it to others.

Tim Beckel of Bensalem, Pennsylvania sent us this quick email:

Thanks, it fit like a glove, and took only about 10 minutes to install.

Tom Wyatt of Palo Alto, California wrote in to say:

It was so easy to install; it went up in no time and works great!

Ann Coakley commented after her new retractable screen was installed:

I used an installer & he was very impressed. I think it is beautiful and the quality is excellent. I am very pleased and so is my husband.
Thank you, Ann Coakley.

Eric Weeks commented, after getting his new retractable screen up:

Pretty easy to install.

Jack Stair of Wilmington, N.C. wrote Doug (aka The Screen Guy) to say:

Thanks Doug. The order arrived yesterday! Appreciate all your help. Have recommended the screens to all the neighbors!